Film in NOLA

Unlock the Full Potential of Your Production in New Orleans
Are you looking to maximize your production budget and escape the cold winter months? 

Consider New Orleans and Louisiana, the home of our global production network. 

We're uniquely headquartered in this vibrant city, and we can help you qualify for some of the most rewarding tax incentives in the country.

Teaming up with a local Louisiana company like 5to60 can give you up to 45% of your in-state expenditures back. 

New Orleans offers an array of architectural styles and diverse talent, making it adaptable to mimic various international cities and countries.

If your production requires a studio or sound stage, you'll find over 1 million square feet of studios ready to host you. 

Plus, Louisiana provides a year-round summer backdrop with an average of 227 sunny days per year and mild winters seldom dipping below 50°F.

We're excited to welcome you and your clients to the Big Easy and showcase the world-famous "southern hospitality" that makes New Orleans a fantastic choice for your next production. 

Reach out for more information and we’ll get the gumbo started!


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