Hey there! We’re Five to Sixty, a team specialized in creating 5 to 60 second commercials and branded entertainment.

Meet the Core Team



Where’s your roster of Directors?

We believe in finding the right teller for every story. That’s why we’ve spent years vetting and cultivating close relationships with our diverse group of creative talent. We build bespoke teams for every project.

How do you guarantee success?

Our creative talent is the best at what they do. We build our teams from the top down with trusted collaborators. From time lapse engineers to mini-corn dog food stylists, we have the expert for whatever your need is.

Do you only create commercials?

Nope! We also produce photo campaigns, branded series, and activations. Additionally, we can provide concepting and other creative services.

Where can you shoot?

Over the course of 8 years we’ve shot in 24 countries and 35 states. So, we can shoot just about anywhere, including outer space.

Can you do post production?

We sure can. All of our post production is handled by our sister company, Clockwork.

How much does it cost?

Typically, our projects range from $100K to $1M, though we’re open to projects outside of this range. We have low budget options at the ready. Bonus points if there are puppies involved.

Po Boys, Pizza, Arepas or Tacos?

We have offices in New Orleans, New York, Bogota and Los Angeles. So luckily we don’t have to choose.


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