Five to Sixty Explores New Orleans' Most Haunted Locales

November 1, 2020
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iFit interactive fitness has released a timely new series, the 'Haunted Bayou', as part of its larger interactive home training platform. The 'Haunted Bayou' series takes users on a memorable journey through six unique locations in New Orleans, each with its own haunted history. Expert Dalen Spratt leads iFit users on a workout through each location all while uncovering the ghosts and mysteries of years past.

iFit is an interactive digital personal training platform. The platform supports a wide range of workouts filmed around the world that are part of larger training programs that include everything from running and walking to biking and rowing for NordicTrack and ProForm treadmills, cycles, rowers, ellipticals and more.

This series was created to provide iFit users with an entertaining, haunting, interactive training experience just in time for the 2020 Halloween season. Released on the iFit platform on 26th October, the series was met with an incredibly excited response.

Five to Sixty's executive producer, Nic Weinfeld, said: "When we begun pre production, our first task was finding a host for the workout series. We knew we wanted a ghost hunter but finding Dalen Spratt from Travel Channel's Ghost Brothers, brought a comedic angle to the paranormal genre, and was a game changer for the series. He brought his expertise and resources to uncover paranormal hotspots in and around New Orleans while keeping the tone fun enough for the whole family to workout to.

When asked about how the at-home workout changed what he knew about ghost hunting and how filming was different from other series he'd done in the space, Dalen said: "The idea of turning your typical ghost investigation into a virtual interactive experience is GENIUS! To me it makes me feel like I’m working with just one viewer as opposed to the entire world when filming your traditional TV show. This experience was way more intimate. And it’s a great way for first time investigators to get their feet wet!"

When asked how the 'Haunted Bayou' series influenced the future iFit programming, Christian Hathaway, director of content at iFit, responded: "iFit is for everyone, and seeing the success that the 'Haunted Bayou' series has already experienced reinforces the fact that we need to continue to create content that is both fitness-focused and entertaining. Commenting on how the iFit community’s reaction to 'Haunted Bayou' has been different from other series, the iFit team concluded: "We have seen nearly double the engagement with the 'Haunted Bayou' series, plus a lot of social engagement. We attribute this not only to the uniqueness of the content itself, but also our marketing and promotional efforts and seasonality. We look forward to continuing to expand the iFit portfolio and exclusive experiences, from all over the world, into our customers’ homes while helping them maintain a happy and healthy lifestyle."